Dear Men on Tinder, Please Stop…


  1. Posting pictures of cars. We really don’t care and it pretty much tells us NOTHING about you.
  3. Posting shirtless pictures. Period.
  4. Posting pictures of you with the same group of people over and over again so we don’t know who you are. (PS, if that’s the case, we usually assume the least attractive one is you)
  5. Showing only pictures of you holding a dead animal. You like fishing, hunting? That’s great. One picture will tell me that.
  6. Including pictures where your face is blurry or super small. If we can’t see your face, we’re going to assume you’re hideous.
  7. Talking about yourself in the third person under the “About Me” section. It’s just weird.
  9. Using cliche pickup lines when you chat us. A simple, “How’s it going?” works fine. And don’t call us baby.
  10. Posting pictures of you in that mustache you grew that one time unless that’s how you actually look all the time. Spoiler alert: it’s not attractive.

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Tolerance: A Dangerous Pendulum

I recently read a book that caused me to contemplate the state of our society. Funnily enough, it was a book about a bunch of beauty queens stranded on a island– not exactly Socrates, I know. Regardless, it was surprisingly thought-provoking. Throughout the book, the author delved into the back stories of these characters, and it seemed that with each one, the grievances against society kept stacking up. Some of the issues addressed: racism, LGBTQ, promiscuity/abstinence, the environment, gun control, terrorism, feminism, capitalism, education and a handful of others. 

ImageMore and more it feels like society is trying to be SO tolerant in regards to all the controversial issues out there that it actually results in less tolerance, just in the other direction– like a pendulum. For example, in the book, it got to the point where it was so pro-women that it turned anti-men. Pro-promiscuity turned into anti-morality, tree-hugging environmentalism turned into anti-capitalism, and anti-racism remained racism, just redirected at a different race. 

This really got me thinking. We’ve had eras in the past of oppression– be it oppression of women, minorities, liberties, etc. We’ve had eras of revolution, and we are currently in the era of restitution and prevention– trying to right whatever grievances may have occurred and making an effort to prevent such problems in the future. But where’s the equilibrium? Where’s the era of balance, of tolerance of ALL beliefs?

How come it’s okay for people to fight for pro-choice (abortion), but it’s not okay for people to fight for pro-life? How come it’s acceptable for people to be as promiscuous as they please, without receiving judgment, but it’s increasingly frowned upon (and even mocked) to save yourself for marriage? How come there’s an entire month devoted to Black History and not months devoted to other races? How come it’s accepted as a sign of intelligence to be an atheist, but taboo to be a believer who discusses faith and belief in God? 

True tolerance means equality, fairness and balance. It recognizes that everyone has the right to choose how they feel, act, and what they say. A truly tolerant society should allow opposite opinions to be expressed with respect and without discrimination. As a whole, we’ve tried so hard to eliminate oppression, but really the end result has just been a change of the direction the fingers are pointing. 

That being said, I will make a potentially outrageous statement and say that I do believe in absolute truths. I don’t believe that everybody can believe whatever they want and that’s just fine. There are simply some things that are not okay. Terrorism is wrong. Slavery is wrong. Oppression (generally speaking) is wrong. There are some things in this world that will not ever be right– murder, thievery, trafficking, etc. These are universal wrongs.

In addition to these, I have my own set of absolute truths that are personal and that I live by… that is my right. That’s the whole point of it all. There are absolute truths for society and there are absolute truths for individuals. We’ve gotten into the habit of mixing them, and although the intentions might be good, the results are not. 

As a society, we’re in a dangerous pendulum of discrimination disguised with the label of tolerance. It’s time to embark on a new era of equilibrium, of balance, of moderation– an era of true tolerance. 

Guilty Pleasures: Animated Kid Flicks Edition

It’s confession time here at the Quirky Typewriter. I am a huge movie buff. *Notice I say buff and not critic– this is important. I’m usually not hard to please when it comes to movies. Give me a happy ending and a nice romance to follow and I’m generally a happy camper. So, it should come as no surprise that one of my guilty pleasures is watching animated movies that are made for children.

So, I’ve compiled a list of my all-time favorites.

1. Ratatouille– a heartwarming tale of an unlikely duo bonded by ambition and a love of food. 8598


2. Monsters, Inc.- “Put that thing back where it came from, or so help me!” Monsters-Inc--pixar-67280_1024_768


3. Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs– the main character is a nerdy inventor! What’s not to love?



4. The Incredibles– So good I can’t watch it anymore. (Translation: I watched it so many times when it first came out and now I can’t bring myself to voluntarily watch it)The-Incredibles-Dash-and-Violet-Screenshot-Pixar


5. Toy Story– Last but not least… a classic of my childhood (and almost everyone my age [that I know of] cried during the third one.

PS- did you know this is what Buzz was originally supposed to look like?!

PS- did you know this is what Buzz was originally supposed to look like?!


I think the reason I like them so much is because they are so unique and original! I mean, come on… toys that come to life when you’re not there?? A rat that can concoct gourmet meals? Monsters whose profession it is to scare? This is imagination at its best and brightest, and it speaks right to me.

So naturally, I am super excited about Monsters University and Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2. And I would love to see a sequel of Incredibles or Ratatouille! Yes, I am a nerd and a kid at heart. Guess what? I laugh at fart jokes too.

Be jealous ;)

Pinterest: the newest sexist invention?


We all know the age-old complaint: Men invented high-heeled shoes to make women’s butts and legs look better, or to make it harder for them to run away, or (insert sexist statement here). While I’m no runway model, I do enjoy wearing heels every now and then– not necessarily because they make my legs and butt look better, but because I feel more confident and attractive when I’m wearing them. If I don’t want to wear them, I don’t have to. In fact, there are women out there that would never be caught dead in a pair of heels, so contrary to their personality is this notion.

So here’s my bold statement for the day: I think Pinterest is the new high heels– aka, an invention whose primary purpose is to benefit men everywhere. (Also, interesting tidbit: Did you know Pinterest was founded by three men? I was kind of shocked when I found out!)


Let me explain. I recently had a conversation with a friend where he said, “Have you heard about how people are saying that Pinterest was invented by guys so that they could get their wives and girlfriends to make them more food and look cuter?” I laughed for a minute, but then thought about it. I mean, truthfully speaking, I could see why some people might think that. There have been countless times where I’ve found myself trying new recipes or shopping for clothes based off of something I pinned. Does that make me a naiive, mindless pawn in this supposed grand conspiratorial scheme?

Of course not! My baking and crafting aren’t results of Pinterest cult-ism, just like my wearing heels isn’t a result of the desires of superficial men. I do these things because I’m a crafty/baky/shoppy/girly kind of person. So here’s my counter argument: Sure, Pinterest may inspire people, but if it’s not already a part of who you are to bake lots of treats or tackle different DIY projects, then you’re not gonna do those things, Pinterest or no Pinterest. I’d guess that a huge percentage of Pinterest users have tons of ideas pinned, but never actually try them, just because it’s not a part of who they are and it’s not what they like to spend their time doing (like those women who don’t like to wear heels). On the flip side, you have those stay-at-home moms, fashionistas, amateur interior designers, etc. who find Pinterest a valid and highly diverse tool to inspire their creative endeavors.

I find myself in this second category– I love Pinterest. It’s a visual Twitter, of sorts. Yes, it’s a time sucker. And yes, I probably don’t try out EVERY idea that I pin. But it’s also an invaluable resource for when I’m running low on ideas or even when I just need to unwind and look at pretty things. I use Pinterest for me– the same way I wear high heels for me. And hey, if either one of them coincidentally makes me more appealing in the eyes of men… well that’s just an added bonus!


Despite the fact that it was founded by men and that it can potentially provide them with fringe benefits, I can’t help but disagree with the opinion that Pinterest is the newest tool to fan the sexist flame. In this day and age where women are constantly competing with and trying to perform the same tasks as men, I can’t help but think that highlighting these classic motherly/womanly-type hobbies is putting us back in touch with parts of our femininity that have been neglected or ignored.

Who says filling traditional gender roles has to mean social regression? Not this girl. I guess I’m just of the opinion that having family dinners or showing love by making a gift instead of buying one or even pinning ideas for the upcoming nuptials of a daughter can only help society and families as a whole.


So I’m going to keep on pinning, haters be warned. I’m the  proud owner of more scrapbook paper than I’ll ever need, several pairs of  high heels,and  a box full of cake-decorating supplies. I’ll own up to that any day of the week.


–> Check out my Pinterest page here.

Best of: Superhero Edition

I recently had a discussion with one of my good friends about who our favorite superheroes are. (Spoiler alert: I’m a nerd! Represent, yo.) We discovered that our top two were the same, and for the same reasons– we prefer the superheroes who make themselves super.

My number one? Ironman. Aka Tony Stark.


This quote from Avengers says it all:

Captain America: Big man in a suit of armor, take that away and what are you?

Tony: Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist.

And BOOM, just like that. There you have it. This quote, in a nutshell, describes everything I love about him: He’s confident, self-made, and crazy intelligent. He may have been a playboy in the past, but Pepper sorted him out. So take that out and what do you have? Genius, billionaire, philanthropist.

Cocky? Just a bit. While he’s lacking that “gentlemanly charm” that Steve Rogers (Cap. America) practically oozes, there’s something super appealing about Tony’s abruptness. Maybe that’s the New Yorker in me, but I love how in-your-face he is! I really enjoyed Iron Man 3, because it humanized him even more, and I just decided that I love his drive, motivation, and even work-ethic. Plus he helps people with the money that he makes. So great. Love him.

My number two (and my friend’s number one) is: Batman! Aka Bruce Wayne. For a lot of the same reasons!


Now maybe he’s no self-made billionaire or crazy genius, but he does work hard and he’s got Gryffindor-status courage and honor. He has a moral code of ethics, and had to become what he is by training really hard. How legit is that, right? I like realistic superheroes, what can I say?

Don’t get me wrong, I think there are lots of other awesome superheroes. But to me they’re mostly just eye candy. It’s like the difference between Belle and the other Disney princesses. Belle’s got substance, and the others are just… pretty. :)

Who are your favorite superheros?

Food Truck Revolution

Has anyone else noticed how the food truck industry has BOOMED in the last couple of years or so? I have to say that I, for one, am a fan. It’s the American dream on wheels! Ingenuity, technology, and adaptation at their very best. Don’t have enough money to open up a storefront? Hmm… let’s just open a truck instead! I mean, who thinks of this? Geniuses, that’s who. It’s an awesome stepping stone, and I’ve heard so many success stories about places that have gained such popularity that they eventually do open up storefronts. (i.e.: Torchy’s Tacos) The great thing is, food trucks are a byproduct of the information generation. They could ONLY work in this day and age of wonderful technology in which we live. Apps such as Facebook and Instagram are used in this context not only to find out about specials, but to find the actual location of the truck they want to visit!

Case in point: the other night, I went with a few friends to a waffle truck, called Waffle Love. In order to locate said truck, we had to check Instagram for the schedule/location. It became an adventure of sorts. It was like I was Dora the explorer: “Where are we going? To the food truck!” Once we spotted it, it was like we’d completed our pilgrimage and had arrived at Mecca, got the golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory and won the Amazing Race all at the same time. Okay, maybe that’s a little dramatic. But who wouldn’t want to be greeted with a truck as awesome as this?!

note the chalkboard menus and rays of goodness :)

Anyways, the prices are a little steep, but the heavenly goodness that filled my mouth was oh so worth it. It reminded me of this place in New York that I went to once, Wafels and Dinges. (They are also exorbitantly priced and divinely concocted.) They have a whole fleet of food trucks and carts and have some terrific branding.

In both locations, they carry this AMAZING new (at least to me) topping, called Biscoff spread. It’s a graham cracker-y flavor and it is divine.  Let me just say, it gives Nutella a run for its money! (And that’s saying something!) So when we went to Waffle Love the other night, I had mine with Biscoff and strawberries and just about died and went to heaven.

This Food Truck Revolution is sweeping the entire nation! From NYC to Utah to the Lone Star State, people everywhere are catching on. In Austin, Texas, they have a Food Truck Park, where you can find a food truck to suit whatever your taste palette desires. There are trucks for tacos, wraps, and (of course) sweets. My absolute favorite is Gordough’s Doughnuts. The donuts are HUGE and they have some wacky/awesome combos. Just look at all the CRAZY combo of flavors they have:

*photo credit: Gordough’s website:


Suffice it to say, I am grateful to live in a world where there exists a doughnut with bacon on it. :) I just think that this whole food truck thing is pretty cool, and I love that there is so much variety in this beautiful world. To my Austin peeps– go out and enjoy a Gordough’s doughnut for me, please. To my Provo peeps– let’s go exploring!

Just Doing It: Here’s Lookin’ at You, Nike

So, here’s the deal. I have been planning and contemplating and list-making for the past month trying to get my concept/execution plan for this blog “just right” …guess that’s the perfectionist in me. I’ve finally reached the point where I’ve realized that it’s never going to be perfect, so instead of over-analyzing, I’m just doing it. I have things to say and a perspective to share and so here I am. Welcome to my blog! It’s not perfect yet, but gotta start somewhere. Be prepared for upgrades in the near future.

I’m having a surprisingly wonderful Monday morning, despite the hangover-like sleep-deprivation-caused headache that I’ve self-inflicted. (What? Sometimes I get sucked into episode after episode of the Mentalist late at night. Judge not!) Why, might you ask, am I having such a lovely morning? Well, it’s most likely due to the fact that I spent a good half hour this morning browsing the “Humor” section on Pinterest. Here are a few of the gems that I found (yes, they’re all from Friends…): exchange for money

Inception + friends :D

Now that I’m looking back on my Pinterest activity this morning, I think I was feeling a little more goofy/giddy than I realized! That might have been heightened by the fact that the office was mostly empty but still semi-inhabited so I had to stifle my laughter. And let’s face it: laughter is more infectious when it’s a little bit forbidden. (Yeah, see how dangerous and adventurous my life is?)

But seriously. Good mood Monday– not gonna complain about that! I’m looking forward to topping it off with a pool party later tonight and possibly some quality time between me and a good book. (See my Goodreads widget for my most recent reading rendezvouses. <– There’s a funny word that makes me giggle. It already sounds plural just on its own!) To top it all off, I had a leftover BBQ pulled pork sandwich from Dickey’s for lunch, so life is looking pretty good right now. It’s my first full week as a full-time office assistant! Yay for making more money, right? Also, I happen to love my job, which doesn’t hurt.

So, here’s to a good week!